I wonder if you can remember the story of ‘Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland’?

And it doesn’t matter if you do, or if you don’t… or if you did, once [TAP FOOT] perhaps, in times past or hazily maybe, but don’t anymore. Really. It doesn’t. Matter.

Because you can just follow the sound of my voice as it goes with you. Into your own private Wonderland. Following the story as it unfolds.

Following the White Rabbit.

And I know as you sink back into the chair – your hands resting, relaxing, on your legs, your eyes open, awake, breathing [IN SYNC] gently in and out, and noticing how those thoughts, those sensations and any sounds from the outside world simply fade into nothingness – that you can imagine yourself as Alice. Beside the riverbank.

Imagine. Resting, relaxing, against a tree in the lush green grass. Feeling the warmth of the sun on your face. Hearing the birds, the bees, the breeze through the leaves of the trees. The flow of the river. Imagine. The flowers. The scents of this scene. Curiouser and curiouser as to where this hypnotic experience will take you.

And so soon, but not now, I’ll ask you to lift and lower your arm three times [FOOT TAP] so that you can experience this story just as Alice did. Beside the riverbank. Trying, but finding that she simply cannot, keep her eyes open.

Because soon, but not yet, when you lift your arm [DEMONSTRATE], and as you take a deep breath in [BREATHE IN], your open eyes focus on a spot on the wall [POINT]. And then as you allow that arm to drift back down to your leg [DEMONSTRATE], breathing out [BREATHE OUT], your eyes will close [DEMONSTRATE].


And this will happen three times.

But eyes open for now! That’s right. Yes… Because it’s now that we begin this. By lifting your arm. [GENTLY GUIDE ARM UP] Which means that, just like Alice, as you take a deep breath in [BREATHE IN], you find yourself on the brink of a daydream.

Which means you can lower your arm and close your eyes. Now. Breathing out. [BREATHE OUT] One. [A TAP] And, breathing in [BREATHE IN], lift your arm and open your eyes. [BREATHE OUT] And lower and close. Breathing out. Two. [TAP] And [BREATHE IN] lift and open. And lower and close. [BREATHE OUT] Three times. [A TAP] There. Eyes staying gently closed.

And just as I am now, someone is, from a book, reading to you. A story. Which… means the words start to, like the river, flow. One, two, three [FOOT TAP] at a time, the words, they wash over you. Four, five [TAP]. Which allows the story to flow. Effortlessly. Now. And your mind paints the pictures instead.

And the sound of my voice goes with you… as you see…

The White Rabbit. And the entrance to this rabbit hole.

And I’d like to ask your unconscious now to signal with a finger, a gesture, a twitch, if it is willing to follow my voice. To follow the White Rabbit. Down. Deeply. Into your own Wonderland. Now whether to make changes or simply explore – it’s up to you. Signal ‘yes’ now, unconscious mind.


That’s right. And I’d like your unconscious mind to amplify that signal, that gesture, that ‘yes’. Now. To make it 10 [TAP] times stronger. There you go. Yes.

And because your unconscious now knows that ‘yes’, you are ready to follow the White Rabbit… soon, but not yet, I shall lift your arm. And then you shall drop, or drift – only as quickly as you are comfortable – into your own private Wonderland.

Because it will feel like that jolt between waking and sleeping, on the brink of a pleasant dream. Which means that, should you need to return to full waking consciousness at any time, you can do so, aware, alert, ready – all parts back.

And so [LIFT ARM AND SHAKE WRIST SO IT’S COMPLETELY RELAXED], yes, the sound of my voice goes wi–


[THEN QUICKLY, AS A COMMAND] Find yourself dreaming, dropping, drifting down, [SLOWING] into your own private Wonderland. Down the rabbit hole.

Follow the White Rabbit.

I wonder – can you count the bookshelves that line this rabbit hole that you find yourself floating down? 10, 9, 8, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, 2, 3, 3… [TAP OUT AND ADJUST COUNT TO SUIT] Dropping, drifting, dreaming. Deeply.

And the numbers pass you by – disappear – as your mind wanders. Which means you wonder – how much more deeply can I go before I land? Lightly. Like a leaf from a tree or a petal of a flower. However much more deeply you can go.

And I’d like your unconscious now to signal, gesture, the moment that you land – as light as the petal of a flower – at the bottom of this rabbit hole. Only as soon as you are satisfied that you have floated as deep down deeply as you can. Now. Signal.


And so you find yourself here, now, in this place, that is yours. Your own private Wonderland. To which the White Rabbit has led you.

Perhaps you feel his golden-pink eyes on you – roving in the darkness of your vision, searching you – now. Which means your unconscious mind is open to exploration, to change. Here. Now. In Wonderland.


And there is a door.


And you hold the key.


And my voice will go with you.

Follow the White Rabbit

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