Our future Prime Minister texted me this photo late one night a couple of weeks ago, from her Mumbai hotel room.

Dial 'M' for Magic 2

I implored her to press the magic button and report back. But, alas, I received no news as to what wonders it dials up.

I then awoke to a one-line email from her asking me to remind her where to find my infamous blog. I duly sent this link and asked why in the world she wanted it – and whether the magic button had anything to do with it?! But, again, I received no explanation.

The following morning my Chief Magical Consultant phoned from bed to say he’d been re-reading this blog, and was feeling most nostalgic for the L Ron Hubbard-worthy way I’d reeled him in. Something was clearly afoot… I began to wonder if The Universe* was trying to tell me something – something to do with this blog.

I note that my last missive is dated 1 April… Since then I have: pulled off a Grand Effect for world leaders; badly broken my leg; read a heap of hypnosis and magic books while I convalesced; briefly considered taking over the army; staged a coup of hypnosis; and drunkenly revealed a few of my evil plans for world domination to the hypnotist who trained Derren Brown. So forgive me – dear future readers/disciples – for not writing.

My grandma always said that things come in threes. Hence I couldn’t help but seek a third sign from The Universe that it was time to resurrect my blog…

Kev and I attended the UK Hypnosis Convention last Saturday, almost entirely to hang out with Martin S Taylor. Since first infiltrating the world of hypnosis, I’d sought credible and factual information on how Uncle Derren does what he does – though I didn’t yet know why. Early doors, I sensed I was being (mostly unwittingly) misinformed and misled by hypno-gurus who wanted to appear authoritative. I realised that the hypnotists who intrigued me most – namely, Anthony Jacquin and Head Hacking – were also mentalists and magicians.

Then I fell deep down the proverbial rabbit hole into magic…

When I started it, I imagined this blog might be for someone like me, who was at the threshold between ‘hypnotherapy’, and stage or street entertainment hypnosis, and mentalism/magic. My journey could be a breadcrumb trail for the strange and curious – those who sense there is more to this than just ‘hypnosis’ as it is taught, or that a Haunted Key demo from teacher both helps and hinders their understanding of what’s what. But then I sat there, with Kev and Martin in the bar, drinking Old Fashioneds after Martin’s talk – and there were no more ‘me’s’ badgering Martin with questions.

I took this as A Sign. Because it was a pleasure and a privilege to hang out with him (we even got a private magic show!) – and to be among most of Head Hacking and James Brown, and other members of the ‘Hypno Glitterati’. And, afterwards, I couldn’t help but think of a quote I’d seen in a magic documentary Kev had shown me recently:

Magic is a closed door… but not a locked one.

Then I realised: “Oh, fuck! There’s no more denying it… I’m a magician!

So. The next phase of my masterplan is to join the Magic Circle, to learn how to be ‘a magician’ – specifically in terms of how one records, communicates and shares knowledge, respectfully and responsibly. (As well as to build community, borrow books, see magic and, you know, actually learn some tricks myself, etc.) Because much of my hesitation in writing this blog of late is in realising my adventures and knowledge are of marginal interest to Muggles… but might irrevocably piss off magicians.

So I probably won’t post again til next year.

Wish me luck!

*Or it could be The Illuminati, of course… Those bastards.

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