Creative Genius : Dangerous Maniac

Hello! I’m Amy – a Creative Genius / Dangerous Maniac who fell down the rabbit hole on hypnosis, NLP, psychology, magic, mystery, mayhem and so much more, a couple of years ago. Life has never been the same since, so I figured I’d write a blog about it.

The first chapter of this blog – the content I wrote in 2017 – was designed to solve a problem: I wanted to understand the intersection between hypnosis and NLP, and magic/mentalism, and to distinguish the facts from the fiction. But all the doors seemed closed to a Muggle like me.

And so I wrote in the hope of finding someone who’d help… Someone who’d answer my questions, suggest resources, converse, challenge and inspire. Who’d laugh with, rather than at, a 37-year-old woman who should probably be studying serious tomes on semiotics rather than obsessing about Derren Brown.

This went rather better than planned, and I subsequently fell in love with a semi-retired hypnotist and magician. (Ahh..!)

What, then, of this blog? Now that I have the access to the weird and wonderful world of magic that I wished for, for whom am I writing?

I mulled deleting my boyfriend-snaring spells and continuing on this path without further cluttering up the internet. And yet there are so few women in magic and hypnosis (the latter of which I see as distinct from ‘hypnotherapy’, which attracts plenty of women), and here I am, forming theories of, say, the nuances of gender dynamics in a handshake interrupt that I can currently only bore my boyfriend with at 17 minutes past midnight after too many glasses of Pinot.

So I felt it must be worth continuing – if, for now, reasons unclear.

Besides, how else am I ever going to get myself invited round Uncle Derren’s for tea?!

Amy :-)