I invented a new fashion. (YOU’RE WELCOME, WORLD.) It’s called ‘Time Traveller Faux Pas’. When I first started attending sneaky courses, I discovered that magicians and stage-inclined hypnotists could be easily identified – by their waistcoats. Or, if they’re not the waistcoat-wearing kind, they will favour some other flourish. Check out these magnificent shoes. (I … Continue reading TIME TRAVELLER FAUX PAS


I sense there’s a gap in the market for a magical lifestyle blog. Think: ‘Deliciously Ella’ meets David Blaine’s bag of frogs. So herewith is my first recipe combining delicious chocolaty treats with psychological experimentation… My friend and colleague S makes The World’s Best Chocolate BrowniesTM. So, naturally, I stole her recipe and started passing … Continue reading ‘THE POWER OF SUGGESTION’ BROWNIES